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 "I guarantee fair trial. We have questions to those who broke the law. We will not allow continuation of engagements," - SBU Chairman Hrytsak

The SBU guarantees fair trial if all the soldiers of the Right Sector, who took part in the incident in Mukacheve, surrender arms and start cooperating with the authorities.

Chairman of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak made a short comment to Censor.NET on the events in Mukacheve:

"There are undeniable facts that the state is obliged to respond to in the first place - the people were killed and received injuries. It is necessary to prevent further bloodshed and casualties. It is the most important thing. We are constantly communicating with the leaders of the Right Sector. The situation is stable. It is necessary to solve the problem taking into account positions of all the parties. We will not allow continuation of fighting.

"Next: the trial should be as transparent as possible, with the participation of the public and MPs, to establish all the details and circumstances, which caused the shootout and death of people.

"I guarantee a fair trial if all the members of the Right Sector, who took part in the incident in Mukacheve, surrender arms and start cooperating with the authorities.

"I have spent a lot of time at the front fighting shoulder to shoulder with the volunteers. Nobody is going to "mop up" the patriots. We have found two wounded soldiers of the Right Sector today. They were provided all necessary assistance and delivered to the hospital. Their condition is stable. The state has questions only to certain citizens who have violated the law. We need to invest joint efforts to restore the course of events and establish responsible individuals as soon as possible.

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"Responsibility is the key issue. The SBU officers outside the ATO area forfeit arms going home from work. It is unacceptable to ride on the streets of peaceful cities with machine guns and assault rifles at the ready, open fire, use rocket launchers in peaceful towns. One cannot fire at civilians and law enforcement officers. If my subordinates were involved in the situation, I would have acted similarly. It's a question of citizens' security. Therefore it is necessary to puzzle it out in a temperate manner.

"Concerning the fight against crime - the investigation will impact local mobs as well. And this is the direction we should have started the investigation from. I asked the members of the Right Sector: "And what have you done to overcome the mafia peacefully, in a lawful manner?" There was no reply. This is our common country and we must change it together. My contacts are the same and the leaders of the Right Sector shouldn't have had problems to inform me.

"What steps must the state take to stop the war for control of smuggling?

"My suggestion, in brief, is to take personnel decisions and to implement a package of measures including the creation of joint customs checkpoints on the state border with the European Union as soon as possible and the import and export database integration with the customs offices of our western neighbors. Lack of control gives the mafia a free hand in this issue."

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