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 SBU to raid Odesa region in order to prevent creation of "people's republics," SBU Head Hrytsak says

The Security Service of Ukraine has developed and carried out a multistage special operation in the Odesa region aimed to disrupt the intentions of the Russian special services to create the so-called "people's republics" in the region.

Security Service of Ukraine Chairman Vasyl Hrytsak said during a meeting with heads of regional state administrations and Kyiv city state administration in Odesa with the participation of heads of law enforcement agencies, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"Odesa is within the strategic interest of the aggressor state. Therefore, it is the region where the Security Service has developed and carried out a multistage special operation. It was possible to prevent the anti-Ukrainian forces' attempt to undermine the situation in the region yet in its early stages during April and May. The Russian special services' plan to establish the People's Republic of Bessarabia and Odesa People's Republic separatist organizations in the territory of the Odesa region was foiled. 22 separatists were detained and 36 searches were conducted only during the first stage of the operation, and at the same time mainly the forces of the central departments of the agency and some of the officers from the Odesa region were involved," Hrytsak said.

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According to him, the Security Service prevented destabilization of the political situation during the May holidays, and the anniversary of the tragedy on the Kulykove field within the second stage of the operation April 29 - May 2 and recorded as part of criminal proceedings the masterminding and financing of terrorist-extremist separatist groups by the Russian supervisors.

"The third phase is currently underway. We conducted 16 searches in the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions simultaneously with measures taken in Kyiv last Sunday, July 5. About 10 kg of TNT and lots of other staff like documents and propaganda materials were seized. Notably, some explosive devices with equivalent yield of 5 kg were ready for use. When the device is planted and the attached cellphone is turned on it should receive a call to activate the device," the chairman of the SBU said.

He also stressed that the Odesa region is especially vulnerable to the Russian information attacks. The reason is the capability to receive the broadcast of the Russian TV channels prohibited in Ukraine from Romania and Moldova.

"We inform both the Ministry of Information and the authorities of the Odesa Regional State Administration about this - on the issue of the National project of digital television in the territory adjacent to the Transnistrian sector of the Republic of Moldova," Hrytsak said.

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