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 Head of investigation into case of prosecutors-grafters threatened with dismissal thrice, - Butusov

It is necessary to immediately consider suspension of the Deputy Prosecutor General Volodymyr Huzyr from duty.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov announced on his page on Facebook.

"The head of the investigation team, a young guy who carries out all investigations on the case of the corrupt high rank prosecutors of the Prosecutor General's Office, has been threatened with dismissal three times yesterday. Today, the Pechersk court has remanded the prosecutors-grafters with the right to post a bail of 3,200,000 hryvnia (over $145,000) and be actually free for the entire duration of the investigation. It has sanctioned to release on bail the prosecutors who were caught red-handed receiving bribe. The bail is several times less than the amount of valuables seized from the corrupt officials. The Inspectorate General of the Prosecutor General's Office lodges rights of appeal against rulings," Butusov wrote.

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At the same time, he stresses that if the bribe-takers are released on bail in spite of the severity of the offense, it will heavily impact public confidence in the state and discredit the authorities.

"The authorities of the Main Investigation Department of the PGO have not been removed from office yet. Shokin is under treatment and Huzyr pretends that nothing has happened. I hope David Sakvarelidze and Chairman of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak will manage to provide efficient and impartial work of the investigative group and will bring the case to the court," he writes.

In turn, Butusov offers the authorities to immediately consider several issues and make decisions on them:

1. To amend the Criminal Procedure Code and prohibit the release of officials caught red-handed taking a bribe on bail during the investigation! This is the burning question! The bribe-takers are smoothly released.

2. To consider the question of removal from office of Deputy Prosecutor General Volodymyr Huzyr and Head of the Main Investigation Department Hryshchenko for the period of the investigation of the crime which their subordinates have been detained for.

"The case of Shapakin and Korniets is a challenge and test of the efficiency of the justice system in Ukraine, test for the existence of power as such. And the state is obliged to respond to this challenge with dignity and to ensure the most impartial investigation of the high-profile case. If the president and the parliament do not intervene in the situation, the efficiency of the fight against corruption will be out of the question. I expect rapid response of the president because it was him who proposed to appoint Shokin Prosecutor General. However, the deputies fully share the responsibility as well - the parliament endorsed his candidacy," Butusov summed up.

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