More than 60 Ukrainian soldiers killed and 200 wounded in the battles for Shyrokyne since winter, Azov Regiment Commander says

More than 60 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 800 militants killed, wounded and captured in Shyrokyne village in the Donetsk region since winter.

This was stated by Commander of the Azov Regiment Andrii Biletskyi, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Regiment.

"The enemy retreated from Shyrokyne. Shyrokyne is Ukraine!!! This became possible not because someone signed Minsk 2,3,4 but because the enemy has lost more than 800 militants killed, wounded and captured in Shyrokyne from the beginning of the winter offensive near the Azov Sea, as evidenced by the radio intercepts. And this is the merit of our guys from the Azov Regiment, Donbas Battalion, the 37th Battalion of the Armed Forces, and many others, the merit which will be once honored," the Azov Regiment Commander said.

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"But we all have paid a price: more than 60 our guys were killed and 200 were wounded. But the "dust" about seizure of Mariupol have somewhat settled. Although, we read the statements of our western allies that "if Mariupol was captured, we would introduce sanctions" every day yet in winter. This "if" sounded like "when" for Ukraine. We were fighting and struggling against the officials who strongly wanted to surrender Shyrokyne all this time. The time has shown that self-sacrifice and determination to defend one's land work much better than warnings to impose sanctions and withdrawal from own positions," he added.

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"We are the soldiers and we are ready to fulfill political decisions of the state even if we think they are wrong. We are ready to advance at any time and win back our land as soon as we receive the order. One so-called "president" Kuchma said that the fate of peace in the Donbas is in the hands of God and Putin. And you know what? There shall be peace in the Donbas regardless of Putin's will. There shall be peace in the Donbas due to the courage and self-sacrifice of the Ukrainian soldiers. This is our land the Lord gave us and the residents of the Ukrainian village of Shyrokyne will once return to rebuild their homes," Biletskyi concluded.

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