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 Sanctions is a direct response to the choices made by the Kremlin, Nuland says

The U.S. has no desire to participate in hostilities and therefore it uses the economic means of "peace enforcement". The sanctions against the Russian Federation are the only adequate response to the policy of aggression chosen by the Kremlin.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy, Censor.NET reports.

According to Victoria Nuland, no one in the United States wanted to impose sanctions on Russia but when Russia had violated the sovereignty of its neighbors, when Russia first annexed Crimea, and then supported the militants in eastern Ukraine supplying them with weapons, the international community had to respond and support international law and independence of sovereign states.

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Nuland said that the anti-Russian Western sanctions were a direct response to the choice that Russia had made, which the Kremlin had made violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

US Assistant Secretary said that the sanctions would be certainly strengthened in case if Moscow remains indifferent to Western efforts on de-escalation in the Donbas, until Minsk Agreements would be fully implemented including the return of all borders under Ukraine's control and the withdrawal of the Russian armed forces and weapons from the Ukrainian territory.

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