"This is populism, not justice": Jaresko on foreign currency loans restructurisation


The potential losses of the Ukrainian banking system from the law on foreign currency loans restructurisation at the date of contract conclusion will constitute 95 billion UAH.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko on her Facebook page.

"Adoption of this law is a challenge to justice in Ukraine. Today, the government is working to enhance justice in our society. However, the law does not help this," the minister wrote.

She says that today some Ukrainian citizens who have taken loans in banks despite the crisis service them on a regular basis, other citizens do not take loans in order not to take risks, and others with loans have restructured them and continue servicing.

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"But why did the MPs decide to take care of the interests of only a very small part of borrowers who have taken foreign currency loans?" Jaresko asks.

According to her, the potential loss of the entire banking system from such a step will make 95 billion UAH, which is more than defense and law enforcement expenditures in 2015.

"This money will be paid by all the citizens in the form of deterioration of our banking system, new bank failures, loss of deposits by citizens who are noway to blame. This is populism, not justice," Jaresko added.

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