Parliament passes law on creating national police

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported bill # 2822 "On the National Police." The decision was passed by 278 MPs with 226 minimum required.

This is reported by Censor.NET correspondent.

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement, Poroshenko Bloc MP Yurii Lutsenko stated that 549 amendments considered by the Committee were introduced in the second reading.

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"The peculiarities of this law are that the Chief of the National Police will have professional experience in law enforcement and will be appointed by the Cabinet based on the proposal of the Interior Minister. Subsequently, the head of the National Police as the head of the central executive body, which is a part of the Interior Ministry will independently form the structure and appointments of the entire police hierarchy," Lutsenko said.

Also, according to him, the leaders of the National Police at the central and local levels will be appointed by a contract for two or four years that will protect the police personnel from the political fluctuations in Ukraine.

Citizens of Ukraine, who wish to join the National Police, will be subjected to a competition, including consensual lie detector test, and through competition will be appointed to junior and middle commanding staff.

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"The third feature of this law is that it clearly defines the rights and duties of the police officer. For the first time it will be clearly stated in the law and not regulations when a police officer has the right to stop a person, inspect a person, detain a person, apply certain measures to him/her. It will clearly define actions that a police officer can use regarding citizens. In particular, it clearly states when he/she can use handcuffs, rubber truncheons, gas stun grenades, firearms. Failure to comply with these provisions, in contrast to before will be criminally punished," the MP said at a session of the Verkhovna Rada.

He also mentioned another feature of this law - cooperation of the national police with local authorities. "A special feature is that the local authorities may vote no confidence to the chief of the national police at the district or regional level, which increases the area of control of legality and objectivity of the national police," he said.

Lutsenko said that being a former Interior Minister he had dreamed of such a law.

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