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 Rada failed to adopt a law on appointment of local prosecutors in open competitions after several attempts

After several attempts, the Verkhovna Rada failed to pass the bill No. 2667 "on amendments to the Law of Ukraine" on Prosecutor's Office" (concerning the improvements and specific applications of certain provisions), which implies the appointment of local prosecutors in open competitions.

The point of significant contention in negotiations became the question of control over the anti-corruption brunch of prosecutor's office, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

The Samopomich faction and the Radical Party faction deputies insisted that the bill, which was put to the vote in the second reading and as a whole, envisaged that the prosecutor general, and accordingly the president would control the anti-corruption brunch of the prosecutor's office.

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"Shokin, Lutsenko and other comrades want to control both the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the independent anti-corruption prosecutor's office, because they are scared. Because these agencies are aimed to break the mutual cover-up," Samopomich faction Deputy Chairman Yehor Sobolev said commenting on the failure of the voting.

At the same time, Poroshenko Bloc faction Head Yurii Lutsenko said that after several unsuccessful tries of voting a certain part of the Verkhovna Rada deputies are "happy that 2,500 of old, outstayed Soviet-era prosecutors will remain on their posts, while they have to be replaced by 700 of new ones."

"Another fact that makes them happy is that the governing body will not be created on the model of the EU in the form of a Border of Prosecutors, Council of Prosecutors, qualifying commissions next year," Lutsenko said, adding that this is a "game of personal ambitions of certain individuals who want to usurp the appointment of a Competition Commissions in their committee."

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"Now you applause to the fact that the Soviet-model PGO remains, be ready to face the Soviet consequences," Lutsenko expressed his outrage.

At the same time, leader of the Radical Party Oleh Liashko gave reasons of the decision of his party not to vote for the law saying that the attempt to usurp the prosecutor's office and turn it into a "body of political persecution and killings" is behind the talks about the European-model Public Prosecutor's Office.

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