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 Nalyvaichenko states there is an ‘underboss’ in Poroshenko Bloc. Lutsenko clarifies it is Rosenblatt: "He is an experienced official and a formally appointed one"

Former head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko alleges that the underboss looks after Poroshenko Bloc.

"The renewal of cynical and blatant corruption in the parliament is underway. I have quite a public question, including to Poroshenko Bloc faction head Yurii Lutsenko: how comes that the faction acquired an 'underboss'," Nalyvaichenko noted, Censor.NET informs citing Interfax-Ukraine.

He assured that the person intimidates and puts pressure on deputies with regard to any legislation.

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"This underboss has the name. I believe that it is not only dangerous, it is cynical. I was the first who told the president about it. It was eye to eye the same way as now. It was one of my last reports to the president. And I asked him to invite those MPs who heard and who were voiced these threats to and they will tell you the name of that person. And this is not Lutsenko," Nalyvaichenko assured.

In turn, Poroshenko Bloc Head Yurii Lutsenko commented on Nalyvaichenko's statement in a somewhat kiddingly manner, Censor.NET correspondent informs.

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"Yes, we have the 'underboss' - Borys Rosenblatt (Poroshenko Bloc faction MP - Ed). He was intentionally officially appointed the 'underboss' so that Nalyvaichenko would not worry about the situation in our faction. Borys Rosenblatt is experienced 'supervisor'. He will put pressure on the deputies that they fulfill their social commitments. Seriously though, we treat this with a touch of irony. I respect Valentyn (Nalyvaichenko - Ed.), whose work is highly appreciated by the faction. But it is not worth starting one's political career with the nonsense that one's spin doctors write," Lutsenko laughed off.

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