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 "He has already shown his knowledge and experience in the Donbas," - deputies of the coalition commented on new SBU head.

The constitutional majority of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputies voted for the appointment of Vasyl Hrytsak as Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The deputies expressed the hope in their statements before the vote that Hrytsak will be the one, who will turn secret service into a truly Ukrainian agency, Censor.NET reports.

The president's motion on appointment of Hrytsak was read to the deputies by Representative of the President in parliament Stepan Kubiv.

Head of the parliamentary Committee on National Security Serhii Pashynskyi said that the Committee almost unanimously supported the candidacy of Hrytsak. Only one of the committee members abstained from voting during the session. Pashynskyi noted that Hrytsak is a person with real combat experience, who is accustomed to the practical work to protect the security of the state.

Deputy Head of the Samopomich faction Yehor Sobolev said in his speech that his colleagues in the faction will not support the appointment of Hrytsak. The main causes are corruption in the Security Service and Hrytsak's long-term experience of work in this system, and claims to asset and income declaration of Hrytsak.

MP Andrii Teteruk expressed full support to the nomination of Hrytsak on behalf of the People's Front parliamentary faction. According to Teteruk, this appointment will indicate the transition from small talk to the professional developing of the SBU.

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The representative of the presidential faction in the parliament Oleksii Savchenko said that he had described Hrytsak's competency that will contribute to the Security Service and its employees' capacity building.

The prospect to put an end to experiments with positions that have specific functions in the country, extensive experience in the Security Service and commitment to operations of high-risk to personnel are the main reasons for Batkivshchyna faction in support of the decision to appoint Vasyl Hrytsak to the post of head of the SBU.

Leader of the Radical Party Oleh Liashko has immediately called on "the future head of the SBU" to work actively for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners from Russian prisons.

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