State Duma of Russia to denounce 2004 borger agreement with Ukraine


The State Duma of Russia proposed to denounce a valid treaty between Russia and Ukraine regarding Russian-Ukrainian state border.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by Russian Izvestia newspaper.

The initiative was filed by MP Yevgeniy Fedorov. In his address to the State Duma's Speaker Sergey Naryshkin he noted that the agreement, which had been ratified by Russia on April 22, 2004, defined Crimea as part of Ukraine.

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In order to avoid conflict of law, Fedorov suggested that the Duma speaker initiated a process of denouncing the treaty, the newspaper noted.

"The decision on reunification with Crimea has been made and implemented, so now we need to align international treaties in accordance with the adopted decision at the constitutional level. They should be revised so that all the documents legally conform to the principal law. The agreement on the state border between Russia and Ukraine can not exist in its current form, and it must be denounced," Fedorov said.

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The treaty, which had been signed by President Vladimir Putin on Jan. 28, 2003 within celebration of Year of Ukraine in Russia, has defined the Crimean peninsula as territory of Ukraine in its amendments under art. 2 of the agreement.

The publication notes that the problem of Crimean affiliation has been also stipulated by the agreement of friendship, cooperation, and partnership between Ukraine and Russia, signed on May 31, 1997, and ratified on March 2, 1999. The parties to it agreed to respect territorial integrity of each other and confirmed border inviolability.

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