Fund of $1 million created to finance Odesa Center for Administrative Services, Governor Saakashvili says

саакашвили админуслуги

The Center employees should receive from several hundred to several thousand US dollars in salaries.

This was announced by Odesa governor Mikheil Saakashvili in his comments to Censor.NET.

The governor informed that the contest to fill positions of heads of district state administration continues, with many candidates applying.

Saakshvili announced that a Memorandum on creation of Administrative Services Center in Odesa was signed by the Regional State Administration and the Ministry of Justice. "An international foundation to finance this project in the amount of $1 million has been created," Saakashvili said. "We continue to search for more funds. They will be spent on salaries of experts and employees. The salaries in the new center should be between several hundred U.S. dollars to several thousand. I understand how difficult this task is. But we need to act fast and reform all strategic areas of the government sector," Saakashvili commented.

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Saakashvili's initiatives include experimental reform of the customs office and reorganization of the Fiscal Service in the Odesa region. His project has been filed with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Another experiment provides for construction of highway Odesa-Reni together with the Infrastructure Ministry. "This road is our priority, for it has a strategic meaning for Ukraine and for the region's economy development," the governor commented.

He also announced that Odesa international airport obtained the open skies regime. "We are currently offering all international airlines to enter the Ukrainian air transportation market," Saakashvili said.

Governor's reforms will also affect the Prosecutor's Office in the region. Saakashvili initiated check-up of improper activities of certain officials within the authority in the region.

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"I am so much impressed with enthusiasm of so many people who want to take part in the reforms," Saakashvili commented. "They are not only from Odesa, but from other regions. They are returning to their city, their country. People are very inspired, and I feel so much responsibility to live up to their expectations," the governor concluded.

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