SBU and Ministry of Defense bought fuel for tanks at above-market price, MP Chornovol says

Ministry's of Defense buys of fuel at 26,000 UAH per ton stirred a scandal when Committee of National Security and Defense learned about this in early April.

This was announced by People's Front MP Tetiana Chornovol on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

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"It was then noticed by MP Serhii Pashynskyi that diesel and regular fuel cost less at gas stations [compared to prices in contracts - ed.]. Since then, the tender committee of the Ministry of Defense together with MPs Tetiana Chornovol and Ivan Vynnyk have been negotiating with suppliers in order to lower the price. It is not good to earn money due to the war. It was cheaper for the Ministry of Defense to buy fuel at gas stations than from contractors," Chornovol wrote.

According to the deputy, both supplying companies, OKKO and Alliance, have lowered their price to 21,000 UAH per ton ($1,000). Due to this, the state saved 123 million UAH.

Below she presented documents showing at what price the SBU was buying fuel at that time.

сбу документ топливо

Chornovol asks whether this price is special 'market price' for the SBU. The Zhytomyr regional Security Service Department paid UAH 29.49 per liter [gas station price being around UAH 22 at that time - ed.].

сбу документ топливо

"Under the contracts, the state paid much more for diesel fuel than in should have cost. This happened despite the fact that the SBU has K department within it which is responsible for inner corruption. This department was headed by Yurii Artiukhov, the first deputy head of the SBU, at that time," Chornovol wrote.

сбу документ топливо

The deputy also noted that there were regions which bought the fuel without corruptive add-on, like Vinnytsia regional SBU.

сбу документ топливо

The price in the contracts does not include 20% of VAT and are given for 1 liter of diesel fuel, which is 0,840 kg. Thus, in order to calculate the price per ton, one needs to add another 16%.

сбу документ топливо

"The fact that the Ministry of Defense suppliers agreed to lower the price to 21,000 UAH per ton means than it was real price with small profitability. All prices that are higher have a corrupt add-on to them. The price of 28,000-33,000 per ton means huge level of corruption in the SBU," Chornovol wrote.

"This is not normal that the Defense Ministry could buy cheaper fuel at gas stations," she concluded.

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