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 If greater aggression occurs, sanctions will be increased, Biden says

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The U.S. officials continue considering the advisability of lethal aid to Ukraine. US Vice President Joe Biden said he supports it but has not prevailed so far.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said the U.S. and the EU are ready to tighten sanctions against Russia, Censor.NET reports citing the White House.

"We have made our position clear: Sanctions on Russia must and will remain in place until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented. And if greater aggression occurs, sanctions will be increased," Biden said during his speech at the Center for National Policy of the Truman National Security Project.

Biden also mentioned his support of granting lethal aid to Ukraine: "Much of the debate here in Washington has focused on whether we should provide additional defensive lethal weapons to Ukraine. Everyone knows my view on that, but I have not prevailed yet. But this debate is worth having. This debate is worth having. But let's not lose sight of the fact that Ukraine also needs basic military equipment and training, which we're also providing on the ground.. "

The actions of the Russian aggression, according to the vice-president of the United States, demanded greater determination from Western countries: "It's profoundly in our self-interest -- and the self-interest of the world -- that this new Ukraine emerges as a prosperous, democratic, independent, reform-oriented country that cannot be bribed, coerced or intimidated."

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"We have an unshakeable belief in the rights of nations on the frontier of Europe, to choose their own destiny. It's about the future of NATO, our collective self-defense, our unity, our strength, our ability to deter aggression together. And as the experience in Ukraine has shown, aggression takes many forms. Russia has shown what can happen when a major power uses asymmetric tactics to weaken a neighbor, threatening energy supplies, supporting corruption, spreading propaganda, army proxies, deploying little green men with a mission but no uniforms across sovereign borders," Biden stressed.

He also said: "I speak with Prime Minister Yatseniuk and [President] Poroshenko literally every week, on average. They've made great strides in passing laws to reform and limit the influence of oligarchs and corruption. They now have to implement those laws. And as long as Ukraine leaders keep faith with the project of reform, the United States will continue to stay with them"

He also mentioned the assistance the U.S. has already provided to Ukraine.

"Since the start of the crisis, we have provided over $470 million in economic assistance. We've introduced -- which includes $200 million for the armed forces, National Guard and border services, with U.S. personnel on the ground training. $1 billion loan guarantee this year, another billion-dollar loan guarantee signed last month, and potentially another billion at the end of this year if Ukraine continues their path to reform, "- he said.

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Biden called the activity of the Russian oligarchs and corruption schemes beyond Russia one of the main threats to Western countries.

"I won't take the time now, but I argued some time ago that there's a new weapon and tool - the use of oligarchs and corruption as a foreign policy tool. Corruption siphons away resources, it destroys the trust in government, hollows out militaries, and it affronts the people's dignity in the countries where it's rampant. And the stakes are strategic as well as economic because Russia and others are using corruption and oligarchs as tools of coercion," Biden said, adding:" We must also confront the use of corruption as a new foreign policy tool."

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