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 Clash with terrorists took place near Novotoshkivske. They retreated after suffering losses, - ATO press-center

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The situation in the zone of the ATO remains tense showing signs of worsening in certain areas. However, it is controlled by the Ukrainian army.

Censor.NET informs citing the situation report by the ATO press-center.

According to the HQ, militants of the pro-Russian hybrid gangs have intensified their criminal activities greatly in the evening and at night having previously showed its relative decrease during the previous day.

"The invaders opened fire on positions of the Ukrainian troops and infrastructure facilities of cities and villages about 70 times from 6 p.m. till midnight yesterday. The enemy has committed 101 armed provocations against the ATO forces during just one day," the statement reads.

"Krasnohorivka, Marinka, Avdiivka, Opytne, and Butovka mine in the Donetsk region were repeatedly fired at from 82-mm and banned 120-mm mortars. The enemy tanks were also employed in attacks on these villages.

"Stanytsia Luhanska, Zolote, Krymske, and Novotoshkivske in the Luhansk region were repeatedly shelled from mortars and grenade launchers.

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"A group of 35 militants of the illegal armed group was spotted near Novotoshkivske in the evening. The perpetrators engaged in battle with the Ukrainian soldiers. But our soldiers did not leave them a slightest chance to succeed. The bandits retreated having suffered losses.

"There were attacks recorded not far from Artemivsk as well. The Kremlin mercenaries were trying to overcome our defenders deployed in Kirove, Maiorsk, and Leninske using mortars, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and small arms.

"The Russian-terrorist forces used 120-mm mortars prohibited by the Minsk agreements, rocket launchers, and small arms six times committing attacks on the outskirts of the Mariupol.

"The invaders kept committing crimes with the use of weapons after midnight. Most of the 15 reported cases were carried out near Donetsk," the press center reported.

The HQ also noted that "yesterday, a number of media have spread false information that Ukrainian army has allegedly left Mariupol": "By reason of incompetence or lack of understanding of military terminology, some outlets, in particular the online ones, have played into our enemy's hands and misled a certain part of society. In fact, the bandits has shelled and destroyed the observation post of the Joint Centre for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire near Berdianske village, June 26. Therefore, the observers were forced to change their place of deployment. Any checkpoint or stronghold of the ATO forces was not meant."

"Any Ukrainian soldier serving in the outskirts of Mariupol as well as along the entire demarcation line has not made a single step back from one's position. Despite numerous attacks conducted by the pro-Russian gangs from the temporarily occupied territories, the situation in this sector is under the full control of the ATO forces. And we are not going to surrender a single inch of our land," the press center added.

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