Poroshenko appointed top SBU officials who are subject to lustration and supported antimaidan - Media

After the resignation of the head of the SBU new appointments took place in the agency. The biographies of the new leadership contain work in the Crimean police during the "Russian Spring", millions in tax declarations and places in lustration lists.

New deputy heads of the SBU were appointed by President Poroshenko's decree of June 23. Novoye Vremya collected and sorted the information about them and found out that it raises numerous questions, Censor.NET reports.

Vitalii Malikov - appointed deputy head of the SBU, head of the Anti-terrorist Center of the SBU.

In the past - a deputy of the Sevastopol City Council, a member of the People's Party (Volodymyr Lytvyn).

Malikov's name first appeared in media in reference to a scandal with presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko. In 2004, during the latter's visit to Mount Ai-Petri his guards detained people who were tracking his movements. The detained turned out to be officers of the Sevastopol police department, which at that time was headed by Malikov.

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At the beginning of the Crimean occupation Malikov was in the city council. In particular, he was one of those who voted for appeal to Viktor Yanukovych from the Sevastopol City Council on Jan. 28, 2014. The signatories of the appeal called the opposition's action in Kyiv extremist and demanded the US and the EU not to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Malikov also called for the creation of so-called "people's militias", which later became the resource base for antimaidan and "Russian Spring" in Crimea.

However, these facts have not become an obstacle for the new Ukrainian leadership to appoint Malikov the head of the Sevastopol police in March 2014, when Russia was just beginning the capture of the peninsula. Given the development and outcome of the Russian special operation in Sevastopol, Malikov did little to change the situation.

Oleh Frolov - appointed deputy head of the SBU.

Frolov has been working in security agencies since 1993.

From 2007 to 2010 he was deputy head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection.

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In 2011, under President Yanukovych, he was appointed first deputy head of the State Service of Ukraine on Protection of Personal Data.

Almost immediately after coming to power in July 2014, Poroshenko appointed Frolov as head of the Department of Operational and Technical Activities of the SBU.

Heorhii Ostafiichuk - appointed head of the Main Investigation Department of the SBU.

Before his appointment to the SBU Ostafiichuk had worked in the prosecutor's office for many, uring the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych as well.

After Maidan and Yanukovych's flight, Ostafiichuk left the prosecutor's office. Before heading the Investigative Department (of the prosecutor's office) he worked as deputy chief military prosecutor of Chief Investigative Department Anatolii Matios.

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"Svidomo" Investigative Journalists Bureau took interest in Ostafiichuk's income. They analyzed his declaration for 2013 and discovered that he declared 2.41 million hryvnia. The salary constituted only 48,766 hryvnia. The rest was "miscellaneous income" which was not disclosed in the declaration.

The declaration of the new Security Service employee also showed three apartments, two garages and two vehicles - 2011 Range Rover and 2009 Audi.

Being a top official in prosecutor's office in Yanukovych's time Ostafiichuk was subject to the Law on Cleansing. This information is publicly available on the website of the Public Lustration Committee chaired by MP Yehor Sobolev. Thus, access to work in state institutions should be closed for him. However, the Prosecutor General's Office apparently felt that Ostafiichuk was not a subject to the Law of Ukraine On the Cleansing of Power.

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