Russia’s IT Supervision Service announces blocking access to Censor.NET - Kremlin is worried about Kadyrov's militants and federalization of Siberia

блокировка роскомнадзор сайта

Censor.NET received a notice from the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) of the Russian Federation regarding limiting access to the information resource.

The corresponding letter was sent to Censor.NET by e-mail. It states that access to the information resource will be limited due to news about Syrian terrorists who threaten Putin and promise to liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus.

According to the agency, the news supposedly contains calls for riots, extremist activities, participation in mass (public) activities carried out in violation of the established order.

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"Within24 hours after the receipt of this notice, the hosting provider or other person providing accommodation in the information and telecommunications networks, including the Internet network is obliged to inform the owner of serviced owner of the information resource and inform him/her regarding the need to immediately delete the information containing incitements to riot, extremist activities, participation in the mass (public) activities carried out in violation of the established order," the statement says. However, the agency promises "to resume access in the event of confirmation of the removal of the news item."

Censor.NET received similar notice from Roskomnadzor in 2014. Then the Kremlin censors feared the spread of information about the federalization of Siberia march. Now, apparently, the Kremlin is strongly concerned with the Chechnya situation and uncontrolled Kadyrov's militants.

At the moment, Censor.NET does not known whether Roskomnadzor kept its promise to block access to Censor.NET in Russia. The page listing blocked resources is unavailable.

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Earlier, Roskomnadzor tried to block access not only to a number of Russian and Ukrainian media, but Western ones with a worldwide reputation.

Thus, the "hit list" included the famous Washington Post. Russian censors did not like an article of Dec. 17, 2014, in which the authors claimed that the financial crisis in Russia is Putin's handiwork. Also Roskomnadzor's lawsuit regards London newspaper The Financial Times for its article considering whether a palace coup is possible in Russia, which, according to the Russian agency, calls to overthrow the current government. Roskomnadzor went even further, referring to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to open a criminal case against U.S. Senator John McCain, describing his appeal to provide military assistance to Ukraine and accusing Putin of extremism an act of extremism.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n341193