MP Tetiana Chornovol cynically assaulted by aide of Yanukovych Party former MP Onyshchenko

Chornovol Tetiana

People's Front deputy Tetiana Chornovol was attacked in the town of Myronivka of the Kyiv region.

She stated this in a comment to Censor.NET.

According to Chornovol, the incident occurred in the office of deputy Oleksandr Onyshchenko (previously Kadyrov - ed.), former member of the Party of Regions, while she was trying to take pictures of documents.

"Private gas company, de facto owned by him (Onyshchenko - ed.), is registered in this office. On the table I saw documents of the "Pryrodni Resursy +" company (Natural Resources +) and started to photograph them, due to the fact that four days after the execution of the Maidan on Jan. 26 (2014 - ed.) "Ukrhazvydobuvannia" transferred the right to use state-owned gas wells to this company for a ridiculous price. It was important to photograph these documents, because now it became clear who controls the company. At that time, Onyshchenko's authorized representative and his right hand in Myronivskyi district Herehanov Hennadii attacked me. He forcefully took away my bag and broke my iPad," Chornovol said.

At the same time, she said it was done cynically, since before the attack Herehanov asked her why such an honest MP has such an expensive Apple tablet.

"I explained to him that this iPad in fact belongs to my four-year old son, and was given to him by the Interior Ministry on the day my deceased husband was posthumously awarded," Chornovol said.

Then the police arrived and, according to the deputy, intervened in the incident and released her. The deputy also noted that she had bruises on her body.

After Chornovol's departure from Myronivka, Onyshchenko's aide Oleksand Masalskyi arrived at the scene. The deputy also reminded that Herehanov is known in Myronivka as the man who organized the people for Antimaidan.

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Earlier TSN program "Hroshі" (Money) reported that Minister of Environment Ihor Shevchenko is suspected of corruption in favor of MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko. Rumor has it that the minister's chair was purchased by Onyshchenko for unknown lawyer Ihor Shevchenko.

To learn more about the "relationship" between the minister and the MP, the journalists decided to talk to Shevchenko directly. But it turned out that the official was very elusive. He did not appear in the ministry, explaining his absence by a meeting. But the reporters found that there were no meetings of the Cabinet on that day. Shevchenko basically ignores his work. "The minister does come to the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada committee. The minister does not work in the ministry. He does not report to the Cabinet on critical environmental issues. Why do we need this mythical figure?" Tetiana Tymochko, head of All-Ukrainian Environmental League says.

Despite the absence of its head in the workplace, the Ministry is continuing with its usual corruption schemes. "This ministry is now one of the most corrupt, and this is evidenced by the arrest of its employees for bribery. This is evidenced by the scandalous stories with the issuance of licenses, and then with the check of these licensees," Tymochko says. The journalists learned that Minister Shevchenko makes easy money in the Ministry. The main source of income is licenses and permits in the mining area. The program's investigation found that each document costs $600, and the minister signed about 200 of them in December alone. Thus, in just a month Shevchenko could receive $120,000 in addition to a small salary of an official.

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