Cabinet of Ministers threw Yeremeiev out of fuel sells pull for the army, - Chornovol


The government allowed the Ministry of Defense to buy fuel directly from the manufacturer Ukruhazvydobuvannia. Thus business structures connected to people's deputy Ihor Yeremeiev (head of the deputy group "People's will") were thrown out of the speculative schemes.

People's deputy Tetyana Chornovol wrote on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Thus, the issue price is 100 million UAH of budget funds. Two months of investigations, appeals, publications and explanations led to the fact that a week ago, on June 4, the Cabinet decided to eliminate the scheme.That decision will allow Ukrainian army to buy petrol A-80 directly from Ukruhazvydobuvannia, not from private middlemen. Earlier the manufacturer could sell petrol only at the auctions, and Ministry of Defense could buy it only through tender. Yeremeiev, being a middleman between them, received over 100 million UAH for only two transactions," she wrote.

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"Thus, as of March 3, 2015, Ministry of Defense tender on buying 17,705.5 tons of A-80 petrol was won by Wog Aero Jet Ltd. Accepted price per ton was 21,840 UAH, the contract price was 386,688,120 UAH. First purchases in the amount of 830 tons Wog Aero Jet Ltd. carried out directly from Ukrgasvydobuvannya at a price of 20,,500 UAH. But further the purchases started to be performed through a private enterprise FART (Yeremeiev was a middleman), which bought petrol at an auction of Ukruhazvydobuvannia at a price of 16,150 UAH per ton on April 16 . If we suggest that transportation cost is 500 UAH per ton, then the margin for the supply is (21,840 - 16,150 - 500) * 16,875.5 (21,840 - 20,500 - 500) * 830 = 88,281,045 UAH. Besides, Yeremeiev's Wog Aero Jet Ltd. sold 5,000 tons of А-92 petrol from Ukruhazvydobuvannia to the Defense ministry of Ukraine as of March 3, 2015. Accepted price per ton was 21,600 UAH, the contract amount was 108,000,000 UAH. But the purchase price of that stuff at an auction of Ukruhazvydobuvannia as of April 16 was 16,300 UAH/ton. If we suggest that transportation cost is 500 UAH per ton, then the margin for the supply is (21,600 - 16,300 - 500) * 5,000 = 24,000,000 UAH", - Chornovol told about speculative schemes of fuel purchase for the army.

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