Ukrainian servicemen destroyed militants’ ammunition stock in meteorological tower near Donetsk airport

The Ukrainian servicemen destroyed the militants’ ammunition reserve that was in the meteorological tower near the Donetsk airport in response to the attacks of the pro-Russian terrorists on Opytne village.

The soldiers of the 90th Battalion told Censor.NET correspondent who was in the ATO area near the Ukrainian troops' position.

According to the Ukrainian soldiers, they fired back to suppress the militants' firing points after the terrorists had shelled Opytne village.

Ukrainian soldiers hit the meteorological tower near the Donetsk airport where the militants' stored their ammunition reserve. The ammunition exploded as a result of a direct hit. According to the Ukrainian military, one of the militants' chieftains nicknamed Koshmar (the nightmare) is currently near the tower together with his henchmen.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n339761