Combined Russian-separatist forces launched multiple, coordinated attacks on Marinka and Krasnohorivka, Samantha Power says

The Russian Federation and its separatist allies have offered multiple – often conflicting – explanations for these attacks.

U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power stated at a UN Security Council meeting on recent developments in eastern Ukraine, Censor.NET informs citing the United States Mission to the United Nations official website.

She said: "The Kyiv-born surrealist master Mikhail Bulgakov put this problem a different way: "The tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes, never!" In this case, the objective eyes in eastern Ukraine belong to the OSCE's Special Monitoring Mission, the SMM. And what they tell us is that, on the evening of June 2nd and early morning of June 3rd, "SMM observed the movement of a large amount of heavy weapons in DPR-controlled areas - generally in a westerly direction toward the contact line - close to Marinka, preceding and during the fighting." So, to repeat: according to the SMM, heavy weapons from the Russian-backed separatist side moved westward "preceding as well as during the fighting."

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"The SMM tried to contact high-ranking DPR personnel over an hour-and-a-half period on the morning of June 3rd, but reported, "Either they were unavailable or did not wish to speak to the SMM." The eyes do not conceal the truth. And the truth here is that the recent violence was rooted in a combined Russian-separatist assault.

"These and other joint attacks by Russian-separatist forces have deadly consequences. At least 5 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, and 38 wounded, in the assault on the towns. The number of casualties is surely higher, but we do not, unfortunately, have reliable reports from the separatists' side. That is because, as the UN's Human Rights Monitoring Unit noted in its May 15th report, independent media have been prosecuted, threatened, and otherwise muzzled in separatist-controlled territory.

"We also do not know how many Russian soldiers were killed in recent attacks - or in any of their operations in eastern Ukraine, for that matter. Russia continues - despite incidents such as the recent capture of two special operations Russian soldiers in Shchastia last month - to deny any military involvement in eastern Ukraine.

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"And just last week, President Putin signed a decree classifying any death of Russian soldiers in "special operations" in peacetime a state secret, a policy which previously was limited to wartime only. Not content with denying their military service in life, Russia now denies their loved ones the respect and closure - not to mention social services - for their service in death. And it denies the Russian people knowledge to which they are entitled - of a conflict their government has been fueling with weapons, training, and soldiers. No matter what your opinion of the open secret that is Russia's military involvement in eastern Ukraine and occupied Crimea, the dignified recognition of one's dead should have primacy," U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Samantha Power said.

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