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 28th Brigade successfully repelled Russian mercenaries’ attack on Marinka on June 3. Combat situation analysis by Butusov

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov analyzes operational environment near the village of Marinka, which has been subject to the terrorist’s attack today.


The enemy started attacking Marinka village situated in the vicinity of Donetsk at 4 a.m. June 3 as well as the strongholds near Marinka and Krasnohorivka. These positions were held by the detachments of the 28th Mechanized Brigade of Odesa.

According to information of Censor.NET, the Ukrainian forces' positions, which have long been known to the enemy, came under its sustained shelling. The enemy used rocket artillery as well as 122-mm, 152-mm, and 220-mm howitzers - the types of weapons that Russia has pledged to withdraw from the demilitarized zone.

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The detachments of the Somalia Battalion, which mostly consists of Russian mercenaries and "Russian career servicemen on vacations", have been participating in the engagements on the part of the enemy.

Several enemy assault teams, including tanks, attacked the 2nd Battalion of the 28th Brigade deployed in Marinka and Krasnohorivka with a strong fire support. All the advanced strongholds were simultaneously subjected to attacks. The enemy has been widely using heavy weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

However, the enemy received an unexpectedly fitting rebuff. The soldiers of the 2nd Battalion were maintaining their position being supported by reconnaissance company detachments and the mortar battery of the 1st Battalion. The communication and command has been maintained.

One of the Brigade's platoons was forced to leave one of the strongholds on the outskirts of Marinka adjacent to Krasnohorivka through the attack of the Russian tanks and dense fire. The unit withdrawn in an orderly manner to a short distance and did not allow the enemy to capture the strong point. According to the cease-fire deal, there shall not be any banned heavy weaponry in the area, that is why our detachments have no means to resist fire superiority of the enemy. The decision on withdrawal was tactically justified.

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All the nearest houses, all high-rise buildings, including the Marinka hospital, came under heavy shelling from tanks. The reconnaissance groups of the Russian mercenaries managed to enter empty hospital and a few other buildings, but intense fire of the Ukrainian units stopped further advance of the enemy.

The enemy attempted to break through the Ukrainian troops' positions between Marinka and Krasnohorivka.

The commander of the 28th Brigade Colonel Leshchynskyi was forced to make a decision on the deployment of the battery of Gvozdika and Akatsyia self-propelled howitzers, the battery of Grad multiple rocket launchers as well as tank unit of the brigade's battalion to the demilitarized zone to support the 2nd Battalion in response to the violation of cease-fire by the Russian command and in order to save the lives of the Ukrainian servicemen and civilians of Marinka.

All attacks were repulsed after the Ukrainian artillery opened accurate fire on the enemy. The enemy suffered considerable losses in manpower and equipment. Reserve troops, including tank detachments of the 28th Brigade and a reconnaissance company, came to the attacked area to rescue troops.

The Ukrainian soldiers with the support of armored vehicles are sweeping Marinka from enemy groups. The situation has been settled and is currently under control. The Ukrainian forces' positions are being shelled at the moment, the engagement is underway.

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The leadership of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has arrived to the headquarters of the sector "B".

Information about capture of a wounded Russian soldier on one of the most advanced strongholds has been confirmed. However, Russian artillery hit a medical station after he was provided first aid and the wounded soldier died from new injuries. The medical vehicle of the 2nd Battalion of the 28th Brigade was destroyed.

According to volunteers on the advanced medical posts, the Ukrainian troops suffered losses during the day of combat, but the exact number is still unclear. There were reports about one killed Ukrainian servicemen. Two military helicopters have delivered 19 wounded Ukrainian military from Marinka to Dnipropetrovsk. There are also wounded locals, who were covered by the Russian artillery in their homes. The enemy has suffered considerable losses in manpower and equipment.

The enemy committed artillery strikes on Pisky, Opytne, and Vodiane today as well.

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From a military point of view it is not a large-scale offensive. It is a local combat. The enemy is trying to improve its position, achieve more tactically favorable conditions. Marinka and Pisky are suburbs of Donetsk. The enemy tries to push the front as far as possible to the west after the capture of the Donetsk airport. The Russian command is worried by the proximity of the Ukrainian troops' positions to Donetsk as they are the advantageous bridgeheads for a sudden onslaught and fire effect upon the headquarters and supply bases located in Donetsk. Therefore, the mercenaries have made and will make efforts to eliminate the bridgehead and force our troops away from Donetsk.

From a political point of view Russia has once again blatantly violated the Minsk agreements before the next round of negotiations. And the Ukrainian soldiers are once again paying with their blood for Putin's lies. The intensified hostilities show Ukraine and international mediators that Russia remains ready to continue the war and pose threat to the Ukrainian positions. The Kremlin demonstrates that Ukraine cannot stop the armed conflict alone without concessions to Russia and that the international community does not have the tools to influence the situation with the help of the OSCE.


The enemy will keep conducting hostilities at the tactical level while the front of these attacks will be expanded. The aim of the attacks will be the Ukrainian bridgeheads around Donetsk. The enemy will determine one or two points for assaults in each sector of defense of the Armed Forces to pin our troops and prevent the forces from committing maneuvers. It's a war of attrition.

Putin is interested to use the constantly smoldering military conflict for the continuation of political pressure on Ukraine. Such war does not raise sharp protests of the world's diplomacy. It does not lead to strengthening of sanctions as well.

We should expect new local attacks aimed at certain strongpoints in the near future, the attacks of the subversive groups in the near-front zone. The intensity of the attacks on Ukrainian cities and positions will remain high.

The probability of a deep large-scale advance of the Russian troops is still low.

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