Alternative forms of UN presence in Donbas are being discussed - Foreign Ministry


Despite Russia's reluctance, the negotiations on UN presence in the Donbas keep going. The UN presence can have other forms than peacekeepers.

This was announced by deputy Foreign Minister Serhii Kyslytsia in an interview to Voice of America, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the parties are currently discussing alternative forms of cooperation: "The negotiation process is continuing despite statements heard from Moscow. Today, the issue is not off the table yet at the United Nations. Negotiations are conducted at all levels, at the presidential level, at the level of Foreign Minister, I will also have a meeting at the UN headquarters. We are discussing other forms of United Nations presence in Ukraine to strengthen assistance in solving the problems that have arisen because of the war with Russia."

Deputy Foreign Minister noted that in spite of resistance of Russia, the negotiating process continues: "Even under the most optimal mission deployment scenarios, even with consent by all the members of the Security Council, this matter will take at least six months. We are now in the second month of negotiations with the United Nations."

The diplomat said that at the same time, the Ukrainian side can not close its eyes to the realities of operation of the United Nations, in which Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and therefore has the right to block adoption of the mandate for the deployment of the mission.

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"But in this case let Russia explain why it is opposing the UN peacekeepers in Ukraine helping Ukraine and the international community to put an end to this war," Serhii Kyslytsia said.

Kyslytsia is pessimistic about the option of repetition of the so-called "Korean scenario," on which the decision is made by the General Assembly of the United Nations bypassing the Security Council.

"My personal opinion is that it is only so in the textbooks of the United Nations. In fact, even if the UN General Assembly adopted such a decision, it would not cancel the UN Charter, under which only a decision of the Security Council is binding. A solution made by the General Assembly is just a recommendation," the diplomat noted.

Deputy Foreign Minister also recalled that the mandate of the OSCE mission covers the Republic of Crimea. Kyslytsia has his own explanation to why Russia will not allow observers there.

"As of today, only Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights was able to visit Crimea. Unfortunately, all our other efforts and efforts of other organizations to penetrate Crimea failed. For Russia does not accept the stance of the OSCE, the UN, and the Council of Europe, which have not recognized, do not recognize and do not intend to recognize the occupation of Crimea. This is one reason why the Kremlin does not allow representatives of international organizations to visit Crimea," the diplomat said.

As reported earlier, Ukraine intends to involve a stabilizing peacekeeping UN mission in the Donbas.

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