England will support UEFA boycott of World Cups in Russia and Qatar

Greg Dyke, English Football Association chairman, says English FA would support Uefa boycott of World Cup.

Censor.NET reports citing RBK.

Greg Dyke has ruled out a unilateral boycott of future World Cups by the English FA but says he would enthusiastically support any such action taken by UEFA.

"I am told that most of Europe voted against Blatter and all of Latin America," Dyke said at Wembley before the FA Cup final. "If that is the case then the two biggest football continents said: 'We don't want you, Mr Blatter.' And those are the two continents that are the World Cup. We won't be pulling out of anything on our own, because we're jolly good chaps, because if the FA did that FIFA will just carry on, won't they? But if UEFA wanted to pull out of the World Cup, we could certainly do it with them."

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Nine senior officials at the organisation, as well as five sports media and promotions executives, were charged by US prosecutors on Wednesday over alleged bribes totaling more than $150 m (£100 m) over 24 years. It followed the arrest of senior officials at a Zurich hotel and the announcement of a separate Swiss investigation into the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Blatter has not been named as a suspect, but he faces questioning in the Swiss investigation. In a sign of the pressure he is facing, Blatter dodged an appearance at a FIFA medical conference in Zurich on Thursday morning, instead holding an emergency meeting with representatives from the six confederations, including UEFA president Michel Platini.

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