"90 out of 124 days I spent in a two by one meter cell with no windows. The terrorists tried to get me to switch to their side promising the rank of Colonel," - Liberated ‘Cyborg’ Oleh Kuzminykh

After his release from the terrorist captivity commander of the 90th airmobile battalion of the 81st Airborne Brigade Oleh Kuzminykh told the press how the militants tried to persuade him to switch to the “DPR” side.

He stated this in an interview with Fakty newspaper, Censor.NET reports.

"It all happened suddenly. They peeked into the cell and told me I have 30 minutes to get ready. They said that supposedly I was to be exchanged for someone. When I was free, I learned that me and another prisoner were released with no exchange. Then we were moved to another room where I sat and waited for another two hours. Before sending me to freedom, they held a mandatory, as I was later told, meeting with "ombudsman" of their "republic" Daria Morozova. She asked if I had been beaten at the place of my long imprisonment ... Everyone who was captured with me at the Donetsk airport on the night of Jan. 20, was severely beaten only on the first day - when we were brought to the [former] SBU building. Also people attacked us on the street during the filming at a bus stop, where a mortar shell killed a lot of Donetsk residents. Neither me and my fighters, nor our comrades who were lucky not to be captured could not have anything to do with that tragedy. However, all the people who gathered for the filming were told exactly the opposite. All I remember is that my brothers-in-arms covered me - beaten and exhausted - with some cloth in the place where we were brought," the 'cyborg' said.

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He also spoke about conditions of his captivity.

"In the last days of imprisonment I was transferred to a cell with a barred window. Before that, I was kept in solitary confinement. 90 out of the 124 days of captivity I spent in a room with no windows, one by two meters, with tiled walls and floors. I learned about the day, month, and weather outside from the guard ... All floor space was occupied by a mattress. I was let out only to use the restroom and every ten days - to take a shower. And a couple of times a month I was taken to questioning," he says.

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According to Kuzminykh, the prisoners were fed mainly by small portions of porridge cooked with water. During his imprisonment, Oleh 'saved' himself by reading books that were in the 'library' of the terrorists.

"The investigator's talks all boiled down to attempts to persuade me to switch to their side. The "DPR" army promised me a post and a rank - straight to Colonel! They promised a decent salary, and even a spacious apartment in Donetsk. But I did not think about breaking the oath given to my motherland and the people of Ukraine," the commander said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n338065