Kyiv tax service reveals two counterfeit liquor distilleries

Conducting an investigation under the criminal proceedings regarding illicit manufacture of counterfeit liquors, experts of the investigative and operational units of the Kyiv Fiscal Service Main Department revealed and stopped the activities of an organized criminal group, which had been producing counterfeit vodka.

"The work of an illegal distilleries at a cottage cooperative in Hlevaha village of the Kyiv region and a village in the Poltava region was stopped," Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the State Fiscal Service.

"During the search of the premises of the organizer of the illegal business and other premises, [the officers] seized 4.5 tons of spirit and spirit-containing mixture, 570 10-liter cartons of product marked with a famous brand name, packaging and bottling equipment, over 100,000 hryvnia cash in national and foreign currencies, and a Ford Transit. At the place of residence of the main perpetrator in the case [the officers] also seized ammo for grooved rifle, unlicensed gas weapons, and a radio. Confiscated material assets totaled 1,300,000 hryvnia," the agency stated.

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"Among other things, during the search of the organizer's apartment [the officers] found official identification indicating that he is an employee of Interior Ministry," the SFS stressed.

"Approximate volumes of counterfeit alcohol constituted about 90 tons per month. The said product was sold personally by the organizer of the criminal group, as well as through retail shops in Kyiv. At least three people referred to healthcare institutions with signs of poisoning by this type of alcohol," the agency noted.

Based on the investigation results the matter of notifying of the suspicion and subsequent transfer of the criminal proceedings materials ton court is to be decided.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n337966