Russia needs war all over the territory of Ukraine - NATO Deputy Secretary-General

By supporting fighters in the Donbas and supplying them with weapons and manpower, Russia is trying to spread war all over Ukraine.

This was said by Alexander Vershbow, NATO Deputy Secretary-General at Kyiv Security Forum, Censor.NET reports with reference to LigaBusinessinform.

Vershbow said they would never accept annexation of the Crimea. He stated that by supporting terrorists, Russia wants to spread the war over the whole territory of Ukraine. Vershbow said war was just one component of Russia's destructive policy. The country has violated its obligations to maintain peace at the post-Soviet territory many times, like in Georgia or Moldova. Russia believes to have the right to dictate the conditions and define the vector of development for its neighbors, Vershbow said.

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NATO Deputy Secretary-General pointed out that NATO would never accept the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014.

He added that a year and a half ago, Ukrainians went out to the streets for protest acts. But Russian propaganda called them fascists who wanted a state coup. It was insulting the memory of those who fought fascism during World War II, he added.

Earlier Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia against blocking NATO accession of post-Soviet states. They are not buffer zones, they are sovereign states, NATO Secretary-General said.

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