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 Human rights activists advise Ukrainian tourists not to go to the occupied Crimea

Deputy head of the Crimea human rights field mission Olha Skrypnyk does not exclude that Ukrainian tourists with popular accounts in social networks might have problems if they opt to vacate in Crimea, which is now controlled by Russia.

As Censor.NET informs, she said that in her comment to Krym.Realii.

The human rights activist believes that under the guise of fight with the "radicals," Russian security forces might commit illegal acts against those Ukrainians who are active in the media or in politics on the mainland.

"Active social network users are a threat for Crimean authorities, for it is important for them to preserve an appearance that everything became wonderful in the Crimea. So, such a person might become subject of harassment, attack, unjustly detention," she said.

As to Skrypnyk, a security risk exists at the peninsula not only for politically active Ukrainians but also for regular non-politically oriented citizens. To her mind the main security threat for the mainland tourist might pose "the Crimean self-defense" that enjoys the status of people's militia. Representatives of this detachment feel themselves as unpunished and there are no legal mechanisms at the peninsula that could influence them.

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Nevertheless, mainland Ukrainians who get to the Crimea perform a useful, though risky role in the political process, she said.

"It is a possibility to spread information among the Crimean inhabitants that there is no "junta" in Ukraine, that it is a normal country. Besides, if tourists go there it is an opportunity to find out what problems people have there," the human rights activist said.

At the beginning of May the Crimean Prosecutor Nataliia Poklonskaya said that all the "radicals from Ukraine" will be arrested if they dare to get into the Crimea. She appreciated the security forces work on this matter.

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