Klimkin announces high-profile criminal cases against Yanukovych’s "family"

EU summit scheduled for June 2015 will discuss the extension of personal sanctions against Yanukovych’s "family", terrorist leaders, officials of the Russian Federation, as well as economic restrictions against the Russian Federation.

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin expressed conviction that the EU will extend the sanctions, Censor.NET reports citing TSN.

The minister was asked whether Ukraine itself had done enough over the year for sanctions against Russia to be extended, since the list has sanctions against individuals, in particular, Yelena Lukash, Viktor Pshonka, to whom Kyiv did not even announce suspicions. Why should the Europeans be more radical than Ukrainians? And was he not afraid that the next EuroSummit in June, which will decide on the sanctions against Russia, threatened Ukraine with disastrous decision?

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To these questions the minister replied: "I know the position of all EU member states. As of today the mood and attitude are very clear: either you comply with the whole complex of the Minsk agreements (with respect to de-escalating the armed conflict in the Donbas), or sanctions remain. Of course, there are different legends and stories that the positions of some countries are not that strong. But in fact, the European Union has proved that European solidarity is worth something in this world.

"With regard to actions of Kyiv, there must be a clear legal basis. The Prosecutor General's Office is working on this. And, of course, for each case there must be a [criminal] case. And it will happen. And it will serve as a basis for the continuation of sanctions. We have a political bloc of sanctions (this is what will be proposed at the next EU summit), and sanctions against individuals which have a legal basis. "

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