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 Russian militants damaged water supply to Luhansk

Stanytsia Luhanska village was shelled with mortars and artillery on Friday evening. As a result, central water pipe was damaged.

Censor.NET reports citing head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Hennadii Moskal official website.

There are several private houses damaged in the villages of Stanytsia Luhanska and Artema. Some districts of Stanytsia Luhanska village are left without electricity and gas. A bakery plant, central in the area, was damaged in the village of Petrivka. A central water pipe, which provides Luhansk and two Ukraine-controlled villages (Artema and Nyzhnioteple) with water, took a direct hit. One Ukrainian soldier was injured in the attack.

Moskal promised to provide Artema and Nyzhnioteple villages with water but refused to repair the water pipe. "If the terrorists fire at us from banned artillery, destroy infrastructure and houses, forcing people to hide in cellars all night long, all right then! Then, we will not repair the pipe which provides them with water, free of charge, by the way," Moskal said.

At the moment, a repair crew from Luhansk is working at the scene without any restrictions.

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