Inter and Dozhd reporters detained at Togliatti military installation where captured commandos are serving

Correspondent of the TV channel Dozhd Timur Olevskiy was detained in Togliatti near the military installation where the soldiers captured in Ukraine are serving.

The journalist stated it on his Twitter page, Censor.NET reports.

The staff of the military installation took away Olevskiy's documents. He is suspected of filming the military installation on camera. The journalist denies the charges.

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"We are sitting here with our colleagues, waiting to be called to write an explanatory note. We stood with two officers and two guys in sports pants near the installation, waiting for the police," Olevskiy wrote.

Later, he wrote that "Inter TV Channel crew was also detained. Kovalenko and Rusakov and Alexandra Sologub from France."

Inter TV channel confirmed information about the detention of its crew. "At the moment, they are being held without explanation at the district police station of the city on Avtosrtoiteley str., 55. Danil managed to tell Kyiv about his detention on the phone; right now there is no phone contact with him," the statement says.

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Podrobnosti program TV crew went in Togliatti to find relatives of Russian commandos Alexander Alexandrov, and Yuvgeniy Yerofeyev detained near Shchastia, but did not manage it before their detention. Inter's cameraman Vitalii Kovalenko is a citizen of Ukraine.

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