Verkhovna Rada introduced the public prosecutor concept and legalized import of special devices to reveal corrupt officials

The Parliament of Ukraine passed the Law “On changes into some legislative acts of Ukraine on strengthening the role of civil society in combating corruption crimes.”

The corresponding draft law #1165 has been voted by 231 members of parliament, Censor.NET reports citing the Verkhovna Rada press-service.

As reported, the law has been passed at the second attempt.

This legislative act introduces the concept of public prosecutor in the sphere of corruption-based offences into the criminal procedure legislation.

According to the document, "public prosecutor is any natural person or legal entity which is directly affected by a criminal offence or is aware of offences committed against other persons/entities... and which has filed a complaint to investigator or prosecutor regarding a corresponding criminal offence and applied for criminal procedure as a public prosecutor."

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Public associations as well as affected persons may act as public prosecutors. Meanwhile, a person who is obliged to reveal and investigate criminal and other offences as well as to combat crimes by vocation can not act as a public prosecutor.

Besides, the law allows a public prosecutor to apply special technical means of surreptitious obtaining of information. The evidences gathered in such manner shall be considered applicable under any conditions.

The passed law decriminalizes such deeds as illegal traffic of special technical means of surreptitious obtaining of information (amendment to article 201 of the Criminal Code) and illegal acquisition, sale and use of special technical means of surreptitious obtaining of information (exclusion of article 359 of the Criminal Code). According to Andrii Kozhemiakin, the head of the Law Enforcement Activity Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, after the bill is passed, import of such devices as Google Glass or Apple Watch will not fall under criminal responsibility. Commenting on the adoption of the law, Yurii Lutsenko, the head of Poroshenko Bloc, called it revolutionary and said it would make possible involving society to combat corruption.

"We have institutional corruption encompassing the major part of the bureaucratic system. That is why it is impossible to deal with it only with force. Just think of millions of procedures run annually by militia and then followed by prosecutors. That is why the whole society should be involved. The law gives people a real opportunity to pin corruption and apply to the General Prosecutor's Office for help", he noted.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n337160