Private creditors responsible for lending $40 billion to Yanukovych regime, Yatsenyuk says

Ukrainian government is ready to make use of the powers given by the Verkhovna Rada and allow imposing moratorium on external debt repayments.

As Censor.NET informs with reference to ZN.UA, the Prime-Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk said to Financial Times.

In his interview to the newspaper, Yatseniuk said that Ukrainian government was ready to make use of the powers given by the Verkhovna Rada if no agreement was reached on debt restructuring. As to him, the lenders bear moral responsibility to contribute to the restoration of Ukraine after they gave the loan to the previous government that stole billions.

"They offered the Yanukovych regime $40 billion. They knew quite well that it was a very risky issue. In reality, they sponsored a pro-Russian dictator regime that was not based on market European norms and standards," he said.

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"Private lenders should understand that they bear responsibility for that," Yatseniuk added.

The prime minister also spoke about Greece, which is potentially facing default.

"There exists one country with a population four times less than Ukraine which "raised" $300 billion and never went through tough reforms as Ukraine already did, and it never had any war with Russia, thanks God," he said.

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