There exist evidence that Russian commandos in Donbas are on rotation, Security Service of Ukraine


Russian commandos of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) have been on rotation in Donbas since 2014 for reconnaissance and sabotage activities.

This was stated by Head of Security Service Counterintelligence Department Vitalii Naida at a breifing on Thursday, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"After the illegal annexion of Crimea and as soon as the active phase of the conflict, provoked by Russia, was over, the 3rd Separate Brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate was deployed in the territory of the Luhansk region and approximately since April last year has been there on rotation," he said.

He pointed out that since April 2014 at least four rotations of the brigade took place, each time with 200-220 servicemen. The proof of this are technically documented materials which will be attached to the criminal proceedings.

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According to the Security Service represantative, the last rotation took place on Feb. 18, 2015, the first deployment place was in Molodohvardiisk, and the headquarters were accomodated in Luhansk.

After the incident with the two captured GRU servicemen the rest of the unit was urgently returned to the territory of Russia on May17 in order to avoid identification, especially by the OSCE Monitoring Mission.

V.Naida also said that Ukrainian intelligence has clear evidence of the activities of Captain Erofeev group in 20 different towns of Donbas. The group prepared and conducted sabotage acts, prepared ambush, mined areas, set bombs to destroy civilians, was involved in killing Ukrainian servicemen. The last military order of the group was to capture the town of Shchastya. "All that will serve as evidence in the trial of the detainees that is being prepared," said V.Naida.

"14 members of (Erofeev group) of 16 have been identified. We know their names, callnames, military ranks and will hand these data over to the international courts," V.Naida said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n336996