Turchynov does not rule out talks on deployment of ballistic missile defense on the territory of Ukraine

турчинов на полигоне

Ukraine is strengthening defense of its border against the aggressor.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov in his interview to Ukrinform.

"Ukraine is taking measures aimed at protection of its territorial integrity and independence. The first and most important thing that we do is recovering and strengthening of its Army, development of effective system of national security and defense, revitalization of a strong defense industry.

"We are strengthening border defense against the aggressor. In addition, without violating international agreements, we are restoring our missile shield, the main task of which is defense against the aggression of the Russian Federation.

"In order to really confront the madman, who is threatening the world with powerful nuclear potential, the efforts of our country is not enough. We need cooperation and systematic coordination of all the leading countries of the world. It should be a set of economic, political, and military measures. Including significant increase in the joint protection system from the nuclear threat and deployment of additional positions within the missile defense system. I do not rule out that the for the purpose of protection from the nuclear danger we will have to hold talks on placing missile defense components in Ukraine. To prevent war of the nuclear weapons is a common responsibility of all people of good will towards the planet," - Turchynov said.

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