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 U.S. House of Representatives approves allocation of $200 million of military aid for Ukraine

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The House appproved ammendments to the defense budget which envisage that the United States will provide rations and weapons to Ukraine for countering militants.

According to AP, The House defied a veto threat from President Barack Obama on Friday and approved a $612 billion defense policy bill that Democrats complain busts budget limits on military spending and makes it harder for the president to close the U.S. prison for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Censor.NET reports citing Gazeta.ru.

The vote was 269 to 151 for the legislation, a blueprint for next year's spending on military and other national security programs.

While Republicans voted overwhelmingly for the bill, 41 Democrats disregarded Obama's objections and joined the GOP lawmakers in passing it. Another 143 Democrats voted against it.

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A 2011 bipartisan budget deal placed limits on defense and domestic spending. The House defense bill skirts those caps by putting $89 billion of the total into an emergency war-fighting fund, which is exempt from the restrictions.

Democrats warned that Republicans won't do the same end-run around spending caps when it comes to financing non-defense agencies later this year, opening the door to sharp cuts in domestic spending.

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