National Bank explained hryvnia's strengthening: "The situation is encouraging"


The hryvnia is strengthening because the situation in the country's economy is improving.

Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Vladyslav Rashkovan announced at the international forum "The Day of Ukrainian Business" in Warsaw, Censor.NET's correspondent reported.

"The situation in the economy is improving. It is macroeconomics, the balance of payments, the situation with people's expectations is improving. Studies have shown that the devaluation expectations have reduced. At the same time, business began to return foreign currency earnings into the country. Most experts are speaking of possible strengthening of the hryvnia," Rashkovan stated.

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"We have the fundamental basis for the hryvnia not to be impaired. With today's rates, the market feels comfortable - both importers and exporters. Besides, "Naftohaz" is entering the market. If we talk about the retail market, we see situation when for many days, for more than a month, banks buy more currency from the people than they sell it. People buy $1.5-2 million per day, and sell about $11-12 million. We see the return flow of hryvnia deposits into the bank system. All that encourages the currency market and the banking system in general," the deputy Head of the NBU summed up.

At the same time Rashkovan refused to comment and forecast specific figures of the currency exchange rate.

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