Deshchytsia offered to help businesses by reducing all governing regulations. The Ministry of Economic Development agreed to a ‘guillotine’

Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andrii Deshchytsia proposed to shorten a large number of regulations that govern businesses in Ukraine. Deputy Head of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry Yuliia Klymenko is not so optimistic on the issue.

Such a proposal was announced by former Foreign Minister, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andrii Deshchytsia at the international forum "Day of Ukrainian business" in Warsaw, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

"The bureaucracy in Ukraine runs amuck. Yesterday (at the meeting of Polish and Ukrainian delegations- ed.), we talked about the fact that Ukraine has 78,000 different kinds of regulations, laws and so on, which regulate who and how does business. But I think that we need to go a simple way. There is a Committee for Regulatory Policy, I would say "deregulatory", to close it all, cancel it and create regular conditions. If you want to do business - do it! But do not forget to pay taxes. That is sacred! Taxes are needed for the Embassy to work, to create conditions, for the business operate," Deshchytsia said.

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Asked to comment on Deshchytsia's proposal on deregulation, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Yuliia Klymenko said: "This is not real. Because business cannot operate without rules. But we agree to a "deregulation" by more radical methods such as, for example, a 'guillotine' which is being considered; it is when all unnecessary permits and licensing and regulation acts that hinder businesses are cut."

At the same time, Klymenko said that you have to be careful with the abolition of such acts, since Ukraine has certain commitments to the European Union regarding the Association Agreement which has fairly strict limitations with respect to the business, products, and so on.

"If we abolish that, not the fact that we do not have to take again, because it will have to negotiate with the European Union legislation. It is necessary to act cautiously and carefully in this direction, so as not to hurt ourselves. Because by cancelling, we actually close our way to Europe. Our business would not be able to either export or provide services there," the official said.

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She noted that the Ministry of Economic Development is now considering two options: the so-called 'guillotine' which cuts off all the regulations or gradual deregulation.

According to the official, the ministry will submit to the Cabinet suggestions on a system of regulatory guillotine within a month. However, the introduction of such a system will take at least two years.

"We have an offer from a U.S. company and well-known economist Scott Jacob, who was introducing the guillotine in many countries, including Armenia and Mexico. He said that considering Ukrainian realities it will take two to three years and will cost about $10 million, which will mostly go to lawyers' fees. This is not a simple process. It's not like we cut it off tomorrow, and the next day it will be easier to live," the deputy minister of economic development concluded.

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