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 Deputy Interior Minister Chebotar resigns

Deputy Interior Minister Serhii Chebotar tendered his resignation.

Censor.NET reports citing his statement published on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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The statement reads: "I have decided to resign due to the "persistent campaign" in the form of planted articles of slanderous nature spread by the media; due to the spread of untrue information that discredited not only my name but also the Ministry of Internal Affairs itself; due to pressure put on my family in the form of harassment, intimidation, threats and illegal spying upon me and my family, including my daughter and even four-year-old granddaughter.

"I declare that all of my activities as the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Head of the Secretariat were aimed at renewal and purge of the police officers, the organization of a qualitatively new, modern, fair and efficient system in the police, suppression and investigation of corrupt practices (including in EDAPS State Concern and Traffic police). The total return of facilities within the solved crimes amounts to a billion hryvnia as of today.

"From the first days of the Russian aggression, I have made every effort to support and supply the volunteer and special units of the Interior Ministry created by the Minister of Internal Affairs, which have borne the main weight of the enemy attack. Everyone knows that our detachments were the only ones that were ready to repel an aggressor in the beginning in terms of morale and provisioning. I am proud that I have made my small contribution to this work.

"I stress that I brought no dishonor upon my name by any of my actions. I am ready to provide all necessary documents and explanations regarding the charges that were brought against me either publicly or non-publicly to the law enforcement agencies and journalists for an impartial and fair investigation.

"I insist that the prosecution bodies conduct a thorough investigation of all corrupt practices, abuse of office, abuse of authority and other charges that have been brought against me in the media without taking into consideration my resignation.

"I hope that the results of the investigation will be made public and my fair name will be cleared of trumped-up charges and the names of the masterminds and perpetrators of this "persistent campaign" will become public.

"I'm sure I can defend my honor and continue working for the benefit of the Ukrainian people," the statement reads.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n336020