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 Parliament to make information on citizens' property public

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine deputies approved disclosure of data from the state land registry as well as one on vehicles from the Unified State Register.

243 deputies supported in the first reading the draft amendments to certain Ukraine's laws on increase of transparency of possession of property in order to prevent corruption, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainski Novyny.

Private persons and legal entities will be able to acquire information from the State Register concerning not only a real estate unit but also a holder of right.

In the event of submission of such a request, information about an item of immovable property will be provided with certain limitations, namely, it was proposed to disclose the name of region, city/town/village, and district, where the property is located.

According to the authors, this approach will allow, on one hand, to attain the goals and objectives of the bill, and on the other, not to harm the owner.

The document envisages that information on registered vehicles from the Unified State Registry will also be available, providing the possibility to search for the owner of transport as well.

Access to the state land registry will also become public and free of charge.

In addition, information on location of property (region, district, and city/town/village) listed in citizen's annual income-tax return will be made public.

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