Terrorists still violate Minsk Agreements. Cease-fire is not kept – Merkel

The terrorists continue to grossly violate the Minsk agreement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said before meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Censor.NET informs.

According to her, the latest talks in Minsk were "very tough", but their implementation is still hampered.

Merkel said that the OSCE gives a fairly clear picture of what is happening in the Donbas and that after the SMM OSCE reports many questions to the separatists are left without answer.

"We expected that cease-fire will be kept after Minsk for some time. But the fighting continued, especially near Debaltseve, which was later ceased by the separatists. The cease-fire is still not being kept," she said.

"We cannot say that one side is fulfills the agreements 100% and the other does not. However, we have plenty of information that the separatists repeatedly violate the cease-fire," the Chancellor added.

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In particular, she said that Ukrainian humanitarian aid is being blocked and that POWs exchange is hampered.

"The exchange of prisoners has still not been completed. Ukraine claims there are still many prisoners on its side," Merkel said.

Putin commented that "there are claims on both sides."

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