Russia has been able to easily relocate equipment and soldiers through Russian-Ukrainian borders to Donbas since summer 2014 – US Ambassador to Russia Tefft

Russia has been able to easily relocate equipment and personnel through Russian-Ukrainian border to Donbas since summer 2014.

This was stated by the U.S. Ambassador in Russia John Tefft. He added these activities have been observed since summer 2014, Censor.NET reported citing UNIAN.

Russia and it-backed separatist rebels control large part of the Ukrainian international border, which is an infringement of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Thus, Russia can transport military troops through Ukrainian borders easily and without hindrance in its own way and without inspection, which we have been observing since the summer 2014, John Tefft said.

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He also noted that, as already mentioned in numerous journalists' reports, before crossing the border, Russian soldiers very often put military insignias off their uniforms, leave their passports in Russia, and repaint equipment to hide signs of the Russian army. This is done to conceal direct involvement in what is going on in the east of Ukraine, Tefft said. The U.S. Department of State also declassified and posted satellite photos that prove the fact of relocation of Russian troops along the Ukrainian part of the border."

He also noted that taking into consideration efforts of Russia to hide its involvement in the events in the east of Ukraine, there are difficulties with data organization and verification.
But one should not mistake regarding the role of Russia in the events in the east of Ukraine: the role is significant. USA and its European partners together urge Russia to remove troops and soldiers of Ukraine and adhere to commitment taken by Russia under Minsk Protocol, the American diplomat said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n335410