"DPR" terrorists’ "special operation" to capture “Cossacks” underway in Donetsk: there are casualties – Interior Ministry

днр dpr

The "DPR" terrorists engaged in skirmish with the “Cossacks”.

Donetsk region police head Viacheslav Abroskin wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The new occupation of the "Oplot" gang of the so-called "DPR" is playing cops and robbers. The local bandits continue the war against the Russian "Cossacks". All "detachments" received the order to disarm the Cossacks, apprehend them and put to remand prisons. The alert has been issued in the city (Donetsk - Ed.) since yesterday. The Praga (hotel in Donetsk - Ed.), where the Cossacks had barricaded themselves, was stormed. The "DPR military" have suffered losses already. Several streets, including Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and Panfilov Avenues were partially blocked. A tank and several self-propelled guns were spotted on the streets leading to the Praga hotel. The sniper positions were equipped on the roofs of nearby houses (118 Panfilov Avenue)," he wrote.

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"The militants strongly recommend the residents to reduce the movement throughout the city because of the "security operation to capture the Cossacks" while it is obligatory to have the ID travelling through the city. According to the latest information, the Cossacks have rigged the Praga hotel with explosives while the local thugs are looking for their leader nicknamed 'Batia'," Abroskin added.

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