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 Russia demands to postpone the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement implementation until 2017

Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov appealed to the EU to postpone the signing of the trade part of the Association Agreement with Ukraine until 2017.

He said this at a public event in Brussels Tuesday evening, Censor.NET reports citing Evropeiska Pravda.

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According to Chizhov, the idea was discussed at the expert level in April. The ambassador has specified that Russia advocates the idea that the current delay of the agreement entry into force should be extended for another year, EUobserver writes.

As you know, September 2014, Russia disputed that the free-trade treaty implementation to be postponed until Jan. 1, 2016. The unilateral trade preferences regime will be valid for Ukraine during this period (the Ukrainian goods are exported to the EU tax free while the imports are subject to duties).

At the same time, such a regime does not encourage Kyiv to introduce reforms, full implementation of which is required by the free-trade treaty. That is why the experts strongly criticize the unilateral regime.

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Chizhov clarified that his initiative has been rejected by the other parties. At the same time, he has not lost hope that the EU will eventually return to this idea.

"I did not have the impression that it was acclaimed enthusiastically by the Ukrainian delegation and the one of the European Commission. This may be considered as an indication of the fact that Ukraine has fulfilled most of the objectives on its way to fulfill this part of the Association Agreement. We will find out whether it has any bearing on reality until the end of the year," the Russian diplomat added.

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the EU Kostiantyn Yelisieiev earlier stated about Russia's constant attempts to postpone the introduction of a free trade treaty between Ukraine and the EU.

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