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 Powerful preparation fire upon Ukrainian positions conducted from Donetsk

Numerous salvos of heavy artillery shelling Ukrainian army positions are heard in Donetsk.

As informed by Censor.NET, this is reported by the city residents in social networks.

Facebook user Igor Savchuk noted: "The cease-fire is over. Separatists conduct heavy preparation fire in Donetsk and its vicinities. In Dzerzhynsk, powerful explosions [occur]. In Krasnoarmiisk, loud crashes are heard.

"Near Yakovlivka, something is burning, the glow is reaching the skies.

"11:46 p.m. Donetsk, Yasynuvata. Avdiivka is shelled from various sites. An hour ago, Yakovlivka-Yasynuvata were shelled as if it were the Ukrainian Army.

"Makiivka, 00:01 a.m. From the Chervonohvardiika-Donetsk direction, flashes and salvos of heavy artillery are seen and heard. Something is falling heavily near Avdiivka.

"Loud salvos are heard from Hranitne direction."

Twitter user Igor Vladimirovich posted: "The glow is seen even in Donetsk downtown. Horlivka. 11:35 p.m. West, Hlyboke - a fighting underway with use of large-caliber weapons. Kyivskyi and Shchorsa - wild shelling! Yasynuvata, Pervomaika - artillery and mortars are firing, small arms fighting, it must be reconnaisance by fire."

Pro-terrorist user Necro Mancer: "This comes from us, our 'Tsar-Cannon' is operating. Car signaling went on. It indeed was fired from us, might have ended somewehere in Avdiivka."

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