Ural mercenaries about "LPR" - The militants are zombies, real animals. All they do is steal. We were treated as invaders

Journalists of Russian Novaya Gazeta traveled together with mercenaries from Ural, Russia, who changed their mind about fighting for the "LPR" and decided to go back to Russia, and found why they decided not to stay in the Donbas.

The men from the Ural say that Luhansk 'militias' they encountered are real animals, who are mainly engaged in robbing and looting, Censor.NET reports citing Novaya Gazeta.

Earlier, a conflict between "LPR" militants and volunteers from Yekaterinburg was reported after the latter came to the Donbas. Now a Russian journalist was able to learn the details of what happened, talking to the leader of the Ural militants, Isetsky Cossack Ataman Vladimir Yefimov. According to him, fighting in Luhansk proved to be impossible because of the prevailing lawlessness.

"There is a rule of warlords, barons. They all get hooked on some resource - one takes away a supermarket, another one something else ... And all they do is steal and steal ... So why are things going so bad? Because they do not fight. They accumulate resources. I do not feel their patriotic enthusiasm," Yefimov told reporters.

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The mercenary compared life in Luhansk to a horror movie.

"Have you read Andrey Kruz's The Era of the Dead? An eerie reading! In the book, the virus turned almost all the people into zombies. Those who were alive were fending off the monsters. And this world, where only 5% are people, is Luhansk (not in the book - ed.). The militias are zombies that are feeding of the remains of life. Real animals, with no regrets, engaged in robbing. They did not even want to look at us. Even the dogs turned away from us. There are no people in the cities, no cars are seen, it's all dull grey, there are wary glances. The attitude is like towards invaders. Especially in the territory that was freed after Debaltseve. In general, there are zombies all around, we lived in a prison, the food was repulsive, there was dark energy all around... Some kind of evil zone. As soon as we were out of Debaltseve I could see that people's faces became brighter. People are walking, smiling at us, welcoming us," Yefimov described his unsuccessful trip to Luhansk.

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According to the article, the visitors who came from the Ural were not met with joy by the Prizrak (Ghost) brigade of Aleksey Mozgovoy, which they came to join. They did not receive "militia credentials". Weapons were only given when on duty - the volunteers suspect that Mozgovoy was afraid to arm foreign and not very loyal people. The fighters from the Ural learned how not to give up the guns after duty, but once they got their hands on too many of them, Mozgovoy's gunmen would break into the premises and disarm them all.

Also, according to Yefimov, his squad was housed in a former prison, where there was a garbage dump, so the Russians had to live in terrible conditions. In the end, many fighters simply refused to fight in these conditions, and preferred to return home to Russia.

Yefimov said that some of his militants remained to fight for the "LPR", but did it simply because they had no money for a return ticket to Yekaterinburg.

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