Top officials and judges will be priority for Anti-Corruption Bureau – Director Sytnyk


The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB) will focus on fight against corruption within "the highest echelons of government officials."

This was stated by Head of the NACB Artem Sytnyk on Inter TV channel, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

"The priority for the Bureau is the highest echelons of government officials ... Another priority is the judicial branch, starting from higher courts and ending with lower ones ... Everything that is within the jurisdiction of the Bureau will be given maximum attention," he said.

According to Sytnyk, the level of corruption is "about equally high in all the bodies."

Watch: Artem Sytnyk appointed head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. VIDEO

Sytnyk also noted that regional offices of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau may appear in the most corrupt cities of Ukraine.

Under the law, the director of the Bureau may establish up to seven regional departments throughout Ukraine, Sytnyk said.

"That is, if there are opinion polls and the need, and, for example, it turns out that Odesa is one of the most corrupt cities in Ukraine, the director of the Bureau has the right to create a regional department by his decision and it will work in the region, revealing corruption and acting accordingly," Sytnyk said.

Earlier, the director of the NACB stated that the Bureau will cooperate with the FBI.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n333279