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 Army officers demand Chief of General Staff Muzhenko's resignation for Debaltseve defeat


Officers of the Ukrainian army who participated in Debaltseve defense ask the president to immediately fire top command of the Ukrainian army Joint Staff.

As reported by Censor.NET citing ICTV, they announced it in a letter to the Commander-in-Chief President Petro Poroshenko. In the letter, they point to inactivity and total incompetence of the Joint Staff command.

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"For over six months of the Debaltseve salient, the command and headquarters of sector C, ATO, and Joint Staff showed total incompetence in matters of tactics, operational management, and planning of military operations," the letter reads. "Their visits to the front line were sporadic and largely 'theatrical.' None of the representatives of the command or headquarters showed up at any checkpoint along the Debaltseve salient, though checkpoints are spots from which advantages and disadvantages of both armies can be visually assessed," the message reads.

In the process of combat performance, units of the Debaltseve salient established stable direct interaction between themselves without participation of the command and the headquarters of the sector. Thus, the role of commanding staff of the sector degraded to zero level, the document reads.

"Not surprisingly, given total inactivity of the sector's command, two strong points were cut off from the main forces without instructions and understanding of perspectives on Feb. 15. Until Feb. 17 afternoon, they did not receive assistance in unblocking or replenishment of ammunition, nor an order to break through. So they made a decision and surrendered their arms."

The officers also stress that the sector's command did not make a single attempt to timely replenish decreasing human resources and arms during the Debaltseve defense.

"Current condition of the Joint Staff and satellite staffs leads to senseless losses in personnel and equipment, as well and subsequent occupation of the Ukrainian territory by the enemy. In addition, mistrust to their own command significantly reduces morale and resistance of the units. The problem cannot be solved by changing just one person. All command and those authorized to make decisions should be replaced with commanders who are initiative, who have positive experience of commanding units in real fighting conditions, who are trusted and respected in their brigades, units, and detachments," the officers who addressed the president believe.





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