Russia continues supplying manpower and weapons to Donbas – NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe

The Commander of U.S. European Command says that just this month Russian troops were fighting in order to change the situation in the Donbas in favor of the militants.

Commander of U.S. European Command, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and Allied Command Operations for NATO Philip Breedlove stated, Censor.NET reports citing the U.S. Department of Defense.

Speaking before the Pentagon press corps Breedlove said that Russia's actions violate international laws and norms and that a political solution is the best way to bring the conflict to a lasting end.

But, he added, "since the beginning of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine we have seen evidence of direct, wide-ranging Russian involvement from the supply of basic military equipment to logistics, command and control, air defense, and the list goes on."

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Unidentified Russian specialized troops who first appeared in Crimea now direct and train pro-Russian separatists, Breedlove said. And evidence shows that Russia fired artillery over its border into Eastern Ukraine during the initial stages of the conflict, the general said.

Russia has also transferred more than 1,000 pieces of Russian military equipment into Ukraine, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy artillery pieces, and other military vehicles, he noted, that have been used on the front lines against Ukrainian forces.

"What we see on the ground is a revanchist Russia that does not play by international rules or norms [and] their activities are destabilizing to neighboring states … and have a global impact," Breedlove said.

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During a hearing in the House of Representatives Committee on law enforcement agencies in Washington Breedlove noted that just this month Russian troops were engaged in heavy fighting after the announcement of the date of the cease-fire, with a goal of changing the situation in the Donbas, Radio Svoboda reports. On Feb. 12 leaders of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia have agreed on a cease-fire in the Donbas to start on Feb. 15, but the new agreements reached in Minsk are being constantly violated. In particular, the pro-Russian separatists and Russian troops continued their assault on the city of Debaltseve in the Donetsk region.

Russia claims that it is not bound by any obligations under the Minsk arrangements sine it is merely a "guarantor", but not a party to the agreement. Ukraine and the West accused Russia of supporting the pro-Russian militants in the Donbas. In turn, Moscow denies any wrongdoing.

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