SBU prevented new terrorist campaign in Kharkiv organized by special services of the Russian Federation. PHOTOS

Security Service of Ukraine detained a saboteur in Kharkiv who collaborated with the so-called DPR terrorists and prepared a series of new acts of sabotage and terrorism in the city.

Adviser to the Head of the SBU Markiian Lubkivskyi wrote on his page on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the law enforcers are mopping up Kharkiv and the region from saboteurs and terrorists following strict instructions of SBU Chairman Nalyvaichenko.

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"The SBU counterintelligence prevented new crimes, having detained citizen K. in Kharkiv region, born in 1971 (see photo), who carried out the search for objects for sabotage and terrorist acts as well as collected information on the movement and composition of military trains that arrived and traveled within Kupiansk and Borova districts of the Kharkiv region. All gathered information was transmitted to the DPR headquarters in accordance with the militants' instructions," Lubkivskyi wrote.


The SBU officers seized RGD-5 grenades, fragmentation ammunition for under barrel grenade launchers, 7.62 (240 pieces), and 5.45 (390 pieces) ammunition, as well as detonators from the detainee.

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Adviser to the head of the SBU also informed that the counterintelligence officers detained citizen A. in the city of Kharkiv who was collecting classified information for FSB about personnel and deployment of Kharkiv-1 and Kharkiv-2 detachments involved in the ATO. The traitor, who is charged with criminal offense under Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, was detained during the transmission of classified information.

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The detainees' activities confirm that the enemy subversive reconnaissance groups, led by the Russian special services, became active in the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. Their actions were led by one and the same person from the city of Belgorod in the Russian Federation.

"The Security Service of Ukraine goes above and beyond to prevent sabotage and terrorist acts and counts on the citizens' support. We share in the common cause!" Lubkivskyi summed up.

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